I can't believe how time does fly and how quickly Madelyn is growing up before our eyes.  Her 9 month well check was on Monday and she is 15lbs 13oz putting her in the 5-10%-tile and measuring almost 29in. which is the 95% mark.  So we got a tall and skinny one.  I swear I feed her something nearly every 2 hours!

At 9 months Maddy loves:
-sitting up and we wonder if she will ever attempt to crawl.  She has the hand movement down, just gotta get those knees moving!
-shiny metal or jeweled things (diamonds are a girl's best friend!)
-Cheerios, or any food we give her for that matter
-scratching things to see how they sound (or to see how they bleed, namely Daddy's face...she likes to be rough with Dan)
-mimicking our faces or noises - tongue clicks, scrunched noses, boo!, sticking out her tongue to lick her chin, kiss smacks, the list is endless.
-bouncing and spinning on her bum.  She seems to really like anything musical.
-tub baths
-touching foreheads with others she's not familiar with or getting reacquainted with - isn't there some animal that does that?
-hiding under a "tent" (sheet or blanket that I drape over us to play under until we need fresh air again)
-being outside (but that's been her favorite since birth)

She hates:
-getting her face or nose wiped, unless it's a warm rag
-the sight of the parent holding the spoon walking away from her when she is out of food

Actually, there really isn't much she hates.  She is a very happy girl most of the time!  We just love her so much and she makes our life so much fun and satisfying!  We are very blessed to be parents.

heather blinzinger
1/16/2009 08:40:49 am

Happy 9 months to Maddy. I can NOT believe she is already 9 months!! Wow! Time DOES fly. She is such a darling girl! I love the pics.

Alyssa Lincoln
2/17/2009 07:31:33 am

I love that I recognize a lot of these outfits on Maddy. It's so fun b/c I have such sweet memories of these things and now they're on the sweet girl of my best friend.


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