Disaster Strikes! (warning: graphic details) - D + K + M + A

Yesterday I had several errands to run, one of which was near Target so I decided to indulge (who can pass up Target??).  After stocking up on some things in the dollar section I began looking through the clothing section.  Now for some history to set up the disaster, Madelyn has had some constipation issues, or at least, she stopped pooping everyday.  Since she already had a messy diaper that morning, I didn't really plan for what was about to happen. 

She was sitting happily in her car seat on the cart when I heard her "mess her pants" and I quickly checked her legs to make sure it was contained (we've had disasters in the bouncy seat).  Phew!  It was!  So I made a plan to head into the dressing room with a couple shirts and change her in there.  Before I knew it, she was going again, only this time I heard it and a second later I see it oozing out her left leg.  Anyone who has experience with baby poop knows, this alone is a disaster.  That stuff stains instantly.  To my credit I did have the diaper bag with me (usually I just make sure there's a burp cloth and pacifier tucked in her car seat with her).  So I started digging around for the wipes.  Well I had to switch diaper bags after this weekend and apparently I FORGOT THE WIPES.  uuuuugggghhhh!  So I use the burp cloth to try to contain the oozing mess.  Just when I think I kind of have a handle on things, SHE GOES AGAIN!  Now it starts POURING out her right leg!  Not oozing...POURING!  I look around to see if there is a kind soul with kids that may have wipes I can use, of course there is no one.  Which was probably a good thing not to have spectators.  In the mean time I take one of the two extra diapers I had and tuck it under her legs in an attempt to save the car seat from further stainage. 

Oh, did I mention, I also didn't have any back up clothes for her either?  Yep... other diaper bag.    I start to look through the clearance baby clothes for something cheap for her to wear, but decided it wasn't worth it and I ended up getting some wipes and paying for them later. 

As I head back to the dressing room to clean up this disaster, there were about 5 Target employees hanging around and wanting to see Madelyn and discuss how cute she was in purple and all that.  Normally I wouldn't mind that at all, because let's face it, she is adorable...but I'm thinking, don't they notice the diaper sticking out under her legs or see the lime green ooze?  So I spent who knows how long cleaning her up.  Luckily I did have one of those travel things with a roll of plastic bags for all the nastiness.  And I just let her sit naked (and diapered) in the car seat for the ride home.  I imagine everyone in the checkout line was thinking "trailer  trash" or that I was a child abuser not clothing my baby.  Oh well... I'm sure this is a classic first time mom mishap, right??  And lesson learned, I sure won't be making this mistake twice!

7/9/2008 06:44:36

How come you don't have any pictures on this post?

7/9/2008 13:42:44

HAHA! Oh man! I can so relate! After one or two of those experiences I am so crazy about making sure I have EVERYTHING I need in my diaper bag and that I take it in EVERYWHERE I go. Even now that she doesn't need it as much I still take it everywhere. Aaron thinks I am nuts but I always tell him... "you never know". They just don't understand until it happens to them I guess. Pretty tramatizing! haha!

8/13/2008 10:33:53

I guess after experiences like this we become morethankful for what our parents went through with us.


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