How do I look? - D + K + M + A

Maddy had her first professional photo session when we went to visit Colorado Springs.  Boy was it HARD work!  The array of noises and goofy things you do over and over again just to crack a smile or maintain eye contact with a baby.  It would have been pretty hilarious to be a spectator I'm sure.  There were a lot of cute ones with Madelyn and Colton, some (not so cute ones) of me and her (well, she's always cute, my hair however, is NOT), and by the time we did her individual ones, she was done being happy for the camera, so none of those really turned out.  Here's a preview, I'll try to post more in our web albums.

9/9/2008 04:00:34 am

CUTE CUTE! I LOVE the one of you kissing her! That is sooooo adorable! All of your pictures are so cute... oh and did I mention... she has lots of hair! :) haha!

9/10/2008 08:18:49 am

CUTE pics!


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