Here is Colton Lincoln...he was born May 6, about one month after Maddy.  What a chubbers he is!  I think he's about 5lbs heavier than Maddy...but what a cutie!  Maddy loved to kick him and he loved to pull her hair, it's a match made in heaven.

Going for a walk with the babies...Maddy had never experienced cool weather like we had in Colorado Springs that week.

Cutie patootie...

On Wednesday evening we went to this cool park in downtown Co Springs for a free "concert in the park."  Doesn't that fountain remind you of Stargate or something??  We barely finished our picnic before everyone made a dash for their cars as it started to rain...and then we sat and waited to move as every car had to exit out of the SAME exit, onto the SAME street.  Maddy wasn't shy about expressing her annoyance with that!

The end of our trip was spent visiting my sis in law Julie and her family.  Maddy got to meet her cousins who fell in love with her!  She really seemed to love all the attention too!  We can't wait to see them all again in November!

Here we are on our first plane trip together! (well, on the way home)  I was reading a story to her as she was getting sleepy.  She likes to turn the pages and  lift flaps on the pages.  She's a great little traveler but we're glad to be home!

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