The easiest way to update is to share pictures on what Maddy's been up to!

Oct. 10- I took Maddy to Moo Moo Palooza at a nearby farm.  (actually it's a little TOO close for my liking)  We went with some friends and had a good time!  Maddy didn't get much out of it, except enjoying the outdoors, but it was still fun and will be something to look forward to when she's older next year. 

During conference weekend we took Maddy to a nearby park.  She enjoyed the swing though it's kinda difficult to hold on to a swing and a baby at the same time.  She has always liked to be outside so I'm excited it is finally starting to cool down!

Her Uncle Scott sent a fun package with a cool non-skid placemat/dish set and this neat foam puzzle mat set that we set up in the living room.  She mostly likes to suck on the "x" pieces right now, but once she sits up better on her own she'll be able to spend more time playing on it.  Thanks Scott!

She had her 6 month appointment a couple of weeks ago and she was in the 95th % for length and only 5th for weight (just barely under 13lbs) so we've added a little more to her diet and I think she's starting to fill out a bit more.  She is mastering baby food (rice cereal, bananas, carrots so far) and doesn't put her thumb in her mouth between every bite as much. 

She is rolling all over the place and has pushed with her legs like she wants to get up and moving, but no REAL signs of crawling.  We're still working on sitting...  She is getting louder and louder with her squeals which is fun when she's happy, but when she's not she is loud and ornery!  She still says "dadadada" all the time and I've heard some "nanana" but no "mama's" yet.  She has learned how to click her tongue, just this week in fact!  It's fun when she learns new things on her own.  Noises I make to keep her distracted and what not just for fun.

And yes...the hair just keeps on growing!  And yes...EVERYONE still comments!  I wonder at what age people will stop being amazed...haha!

10/27/2008 06:19:08 am

Very CUTE! We're excited to see her...

10/27/2008 06:53:11 am

SO cute! and such a good girl too! It was about time for an update! :)

10/27/2008 09:36:17 am

Wow I'm liking your dark hair! That's funny you can go outside now that it is cooling down and we can't go outside cause it's cooling down!

Heather Blinzinger
11/6/2008 08:50:04 am

She is such a doll. I love her sweet smiles. You look great too!!


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