So I have lots to blog about, mainly my fun baby shower last Saturday, but until I have all the pictures of things I received I'll wait to post it so I don't leave anyone out!  For now I'll proudly display my belly shot.

This is at the start of 32 weeks!  I know the picture is blurry, but the other one we took  didn't seem to show much of a difference from my last picture, so I think this more accurately portrays my true girth.  I'll spare you the bare belly shot :o)

Last Wednesday was our first childbirth class!  They tell you to register to attend during your 7 month mark, but I missed the window.  So I was surprised when at least 2 other women were due in less than a month!  Maybe they are even worse procrastinators.  I usually work until about 6:15 trying to fill in reports and what not, but this day I knew I needed to rush so I had Dan meet me at work with apple and lean pocket in hand for me to inhale as we raced off to the hospital where they hold the class. 

There were 6 women in all, though one left early due to having early contractions.  After doing introductions we learned that 4 of us are all using Dr. Messer!  I heard she was busy, but yikes!  I did finally meet Dr. Messer at my last OB appointment and she was very nice.  I've now met both Drs. that may deliver Madelyn (Messer or Bullaro) and so far I feel good about them!  I've also heard good things from my sister-in-law who has now had 2 children delivered by them, and a couple  nurses I've been able to talk to that have worked with them.

So the class was 3 hours and the majority of the class covered anatomy and the terminology used when you're in the labor phase of pregnancy.  And of course, the birthing video.  The final hour we practiced some breathing techniques with our coaches and had a tour of the labor/delivery floor.  So how did Dan do you may ask??  Well, as far as I knew, he was doing great, learning things, etc.  Until we got to the breathing techniques and they have the mothers lean against the coach and well, Dan just couldn't hack it without his own back support.  I asked the nurse instructor, "What if our coach needs a coach??"  Everyone found that very amusing, and I'm pretty sure Dan took it all lightheartedly, so no embarrassment was felt.  Besides, it got him back for his many comments asking me, "What about my massage?  I'll be working hard too!"  What a kidder he is...

Dan told me later that he was actually feeling very queasy during some of the discussions AND the video and almost had to leave the room.  Here I thought he was absorbing it all and learning lots while I'm the one trying to think about it all medically so as not to freak out at the thought of ACTUALLY having to do all of this...  He's supposed to be the rock right moms??  Well I guess the fact that he didn't actually lose his lunch was a good sign.  And he says he'll be fine when it's "show time" because it will be me and we'll be going through the experience instead of watching it or talking about it.  I hope so!!!

No I'm sure he'll be great when duty calls.  We are both so excited and Dan just can't get enough of my belly.  We both get such a thrill from watching and feeling all of Madelyn's movements and can't wait to finally have her here!  We love her already!

2/29/2008 12:11:45 pm

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