Due to troubles with the website and my procrastination, this is a long overdue post.  I had my friend/family shower on Feb. 9 and it was SO fun!  My sister was planning to visit from Chicago with her husband that week so we planned the date accordingly.  She and my sister-in-law took the reigns and organized a really great celebration.  We played some cute games, ate lots of good food that was enhanced by drenching it in melted chocolate, I got to open some much needed and appreciated gifts, and we decorated onesies for Madelyn.  Below are some pictures of all the great stuff Madelyn got!

This is a close up of the gifts my mom HANDMADE for Madelyn.  A "rag" quilt, burp cloths, hooded towel, and a "taggie" blanket!  So cool!  My mom is truly talented.  She kept telling me every day I talked to her, "I made something else for Madelyn today" and would never tell me what!  I never expected all of this!  What a great Grandma!

I have great sister-in-laws and 2 of Dan's sisters live out of Arizona but were very thoughtful and sent gifts for Madelyn even though they couldn't be here for the shower!  Thanks Ginny and Julie!

And this is Dan putting together the great gift we got from his mom, our travel system!  She ordered it for us after we saw a deal online and Dan put it together the night we got home from the shower.  He's an excited Daddy!  It looks even better in person and we're really happy with it!  Dan got it put together in about an hour - despite poor directions - and here's the end result!

2/25/2008 04:21:11 am

How fun! Sorry I couldn't be there. What an exciting time for you guys. I am excited for you and all the joys of parenthood that await you. I miss you lots!


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