A lot of the pregnancy books I've read have talked about starting to learn more about your baby, their awake and sleep routines, their temperaments, etc.  Obviously this may and probably will change once they are out of the womb, but I am finally starting to pay more attention to some things, and here is what I'm learning so far.

1. She is a gymnast at heart and she has the strongest kicks.  At times I swear she is doing back flips and cartwheels!  At my last OB appointment the Dr confirmed to me how she was positioned and when she stretches or kicks/punches out, her bum usually pushes out the other side.  This has obviously gotten more frequent and stronger as she is growing bigger (nearly 5lbs now) and running out of room.  It has been fun to feel more frequently, unless of course it hurts, gets me in the ribs, or if I'm trying to fall back to sleep after struggling to turn over to find comfort for the 5th time by 4am.  She gets quite a ride from me at night though so it's understandable.  The best part about her kicking is not only me feeling her and knowing she's healthy and also Dan being able to feel her more regularly, but others reactions to it as well.  Particularly those who have never felt a kicking baby in a pregnant belly.  For instance, on Sunday I had 3 of the young women feel my belly as Madelyn was moving and you should have seen the looks on their faces!  It was a Kodak moment!  They were so in awe and thought it was so fun!  I loved sharing that with them.

2. In regards to her kicking, she is usually her most active whenever I'm sitting upright in a chair, to eat, teach, or work on the computer.  And also, whenever I lay down at night.  Sometimes it seems she gets more rambunctious when I feel hungry.  I have no idea if her hunger is related to mine or not...I guess I missed that in the books.  But it seems to be timed pretty closely so maybe so!

3. Dan tries to talk to her or shine a flashlight on my belly to get a reaction from Madelyn.  I can't say it really works.  I think she mostly just likes to listen/observe, like it keeps her attention.  I never really know what her movement, or lack of movement means.  Docs say movement is a sign of a healthy baby, so I guess we're in the clear there.  But does she move because she's frustrated, uncomfortable, happy and playful, or in distress???  Does she not move because she's sleeping and content, or in distress?  It seems like any of those could apply.  Basically I won't feel 100% settled until she's out and I can see her I think.

4.  For a while the books have said I may notice her having the hiccups.  I have no idea how to differentiate that movement from other movements, except to say I'm pretty sure I felt them last night.  I was sitting up and I just felt a fairly subtle and consistent thump feeling near where her back is supposed to be.  It was regular and lasted quite a while so I'm going to document 2/25/08 as the first day I felt her hiccup. 

5. So I'm not a soda drinker, and it's worse having carbonation while pregnant because your body just can't handle it, or mine can't at least.  Well, Dan is, when it's around at least, and he ended up bringing home a 2 liter of Diet Dr. Pepper.   So not only does it have caffeine, but aspartame as well, which I have avoided most all of my pregnancy, though I'll drink light drinks with sucralose or Splenda, but it's harder to come by.  Anyway, I just really wanted a sip of Dan's Dr. P drink and I can't even say it was a sip, I didn't fill my mouth, it was more of a trickle.  I don't know for sure, but I think even that little bit of caffeine had an effect on Madelyn.  She was active like usual, but it lasted a LONG time, no breaks in between.  Dan didn't want to believe that so little would do anything, but it was abnormal behavior...from what I know of her "normal" behavior.   I'm not really concerned I did any damage since they say pregnant women can drink caffeine everyday, within limits.

Anyway, those are the things I'm learning about her.  Every day I grow more and more excited for her to be here, but also more and more nervous...  I have my "ward/YW" baby shower to look forward to this weekend, so that's my excitement for the week!

3/19/2008 01:55:45 am

How're you feeling these days? Where are your updates and pics????????? :)

11/10/2010 12:01:42 pm

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