Wiggles and Giggles - D + K + M + A

Well Maddy is changing everyday.  She is now able to twist and turn her body so much that she can rotate on the ground a full 360 degrees.  She's still working on the rolling over part but just today she got soooo close on a back to tummy attempt.  If her darn shoulder wasn't in the way it would have been successful!

This picture is how I found her the other morning.  Proof that she doesn't stay put.  Usually her head is at the end of the crib where the monitor is, but she wriggled out of her sleep positioner (I still use that at night cuz her pacifier stays put better when she's on her side), kicked her blanket to one end, and is playing with the rolled up quilt while simultaneously using her feet to turn on and off her crib aquarium.  She's so funny!

I love these mornings when she wakes up, not fussing because she's hungry, and is just playing and talking to herself in her crib.  I come walking in and she gives the biggest brightest smiles with her whole face, it's the best way to start the day....for the second time anyway....

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