Decision Time - D + K + M + A
Okay, so this is decision 956 out of 1 million, but it's an important one that we need to make, like today, so I'm putting it out there for some input!

Information you need to know:
We have cabinets purchased and installed.
Here is our floor tile.  20x20 size  This picture is more on the cool tone side, warm it up a bit to know what it really looks like.  It coordinates with our cabinets pretty close to perfect.
Other information to note:  Walls are white, the pony wall (on front side of island) is white and I'm thinking of doing some version of wainscoting on it, so it will stay white.  Appliances, sink, faucet, will be stainless steel.  And we intend on having a tile backsplash under all the cabinets and behind the hood up to the top of the cabinets, however that is not selected yet, so any ideas are appreciated!!  But let's focus on the granite today.  So we have 2 options.  Again, it's hard to see the true colors in photos, but try to imagine as I describe each one.
Option A:  We didn't want the typical speckled look that just isn't very interesting to look at and you see in every standard home.  We wanted to see some movement and interest in the stone to look a little more snazzy ;).  This option has a lot of pizazz, but not TOO much swirl and movement that you get dizzy.  There are a lot of colors including the lighter being on the peachy side, and a lot of rust tones throughout.  Overall more of a orange, warm tone.
Option B:  This slab is a little more conservative, not as many colors going on.  We will need 2 slabs to cover our island and counters.  This slabs are cut like a loaf of bread, so the matching second slab would be a mirror image to this, however when they install they will follow the same direction the fissure goes for each slab.  Not sure where the fissure will appear on final layout, but that's not really important.  Overall tone is more of a brown brown with more cream colors in it....haha...I'm not very good at describing this!  Also this slab was outside so the colors seem a little more washed out to me.

Option A

Option B

So after compiling these pictures, well and even before, I know which option I like best.  But with Dan liking one and me liking another, I think I need more votes, though I can't tell you which. Let us know what you think!  And keep this in mind when I start asking you to pick out our backsplash tile!
8/19/2010 10:24:21

Hey! My vote is for B! I love it. Hope Dan got Aaron's message. He can totally help tonight if he still needs help. It took him forever to get back to him. He had to go to Tucson to help his brother move, etc.... crazy week! Anyways- good luck! Everything looks great!

Julie Krainock
8/20/2010 13:48:40

like them both - but I like A better. I like the warmth and movement. It's going to be gorgeous!


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