Home 'Upgrades' - D + K + M + A

This is a bit of a delayed posting, and I know I need to post the travel log from our recent trips, but this is what you get for now.... 

So we're always thinking of ways to improve our home.  Yes it's a new build so it's not really in need of repairs or upgrades so much, but it was pretty barren when I moved in and there are always simple touches you can make that add a lot to a home.  Plus whenever Dan is working from home, he gets stir crazy and wanders every room in the house and outside around the house, trying to think of projects we could work on.

Project #1-  we installed dark walnut laminate (Pergo-like) flooring in our entire kitchen area, that project was very hard and time consuming, but it looks SO much better than the linoleum.  No before and after pictures, but trust me, it looks great.  That was pretty much completed before we were married.

Project #2 - painting over the school bus yellow walls Dan had in the living room and master bathroom.  No explanation needed.  I don't really like the color we have in our living room, but after 2 trials, this will have to stick for now.

Project #3 - front and back yards.  When Dan moved in here after the house was built, he planted citrus trees, three of them, one orange, one grapefruit, one lemon.  I don't think they've grown more than 6 inches in the last 3-4 years since they were planted.  But we haven't given up hope and after Dan installed a sprinkler system and planted grass, we figured we should highlight the trees a little, give them some motivation to do some growing!

Before:  (ignore the center one...we started that one early)

After:  (the grass is doing better now than this shows)

And last but not least (for the yard anyway.)  We planted a couple more oleander bushes (white and crimson) in the empty space of our front yard.  This picture was taken shortly after the planting.  They are the two small ones just behind the tree.  They are still alive, we think, they aren't totally blooming even now, but we're hopeful.  The orange flowered bushes and the white flowering bush by the driveway are really growing like crazy right now though, so at least we're doing something right.  Oh we also added that brick curve in front of the tree.  We think it looks nice and a little more groomed than before.

Project #4 - vinyl tiling in the downstairs 1/2 bath.  Again, to hid the tired looking standard linoleum.  Dan still need to work with the caulking some more, but here are a couple pictures of the mostly finished product.

We are pretty proud of all our work so far!  Hopefully it will help when it comes time to sell.....if that day ever comes....

7/30/2007 21:31:31

WOW! It looks great! It's really starting to sparkle with pride of ownership!! :)

7/31/2007 06:20:48

So...when you are back here in Utah maybe you could come in and help us make our home homier. Neither Aaron nor I seem to have the touch. HA! Anyway, it looks great! (And I love the new photos you added - Soraya is a doll!)


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