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Marisa, and my brother Scott. BFF's
If you read my blog or are my facebook friend, then you know that I have been taking part in fundraising for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

I am ashamed to say that I have never really fought for any causes like this.  I have done MANY a service project in my time, even outside of church organized youth groups.  But this time is different.  This time it's personal.  

My efforts in raising money in behalf of a friend who has died fighting CF may seem, "too little too late."  However, that would be misguided.  I am not raising money for a cure.  I am raising money to honor a much beloved friend whose memory will forever change me, my brother, my family as a whole.  Not to mention other of my dear friends who were close to her.

Marisa (as a baby) with her Mom on a CF pamphlet
It's no easy task to ask for money, especially asking people who have no connection to the cause.  Which is why I have tried through my flyers and my sister has tried through her blog, to share as much information and insight into the amazing person that Marisa was.  How truly inspiring her life was and will continue to be, to me and anyone who knew her, forever. 
If you can catch even a glimpse of that, I know you will feel compelled to acknowledge this cause with a donation, even if it's only $1.

I hope it's okay that I share a comment left by one of my good friends on my previous blog post.  She lives in Utah and has never met or known Marisa.  She wrote, "...It's one thing to hear the facts: that a person is struggling or has struggled, etc. It's another to get a glimpse into who they are, etc. I read the articles, watched the tribute video and the Front Row Foundation video, heart aches for you and all of those who actually knew, loved and cared for her. Just from the glimpses I caught, I can tell she was a very beautiful, amazing person who touched a lot of lives."


That meant a lot to me that she got it.  It has meant a lot to me to see my friends and strangers reach out and acknowledge this cause that I feel passionate about.  THANK YOU!!!!! 

I have tried not to have high expectations of asking total strangers to give money to a cause they have no connection to, let alone even a connection to me.  But it is hard to not be disappointed when I learn that a mere 12 donations came in out of 10,800+ downloads from my sister's blog (She created 10 printables, offered them for download asking for donations instead of payment.)  Or to have only one donation come in out of 118 homes that I gave flyers to.  It's discouraging.

And while I know I could be doing more, to reach out to more people, hold larger fundraising events, etc, I have limited my reach to my facebook connections and neighbors, because who else would want to reach into their pockets for me??

I can't emphasize enough that it's not the dollar amount that I am trying to achieve as much as it is to simply get the acknowledgement from people.  Acknowledgement that says, "I support you, I am sorry for your loss, Wow, what an amazing woman" (Marisa, not me ;) etc, etc. 

ONE DOLLAR is all it would take to do that.

If you would like to be inspired, learn more about Marisa by viewing the videos and articles linked to HERE.

If you are ready to show your support to me and my family, and by extension to Marisa and her family.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, and click HERE.

Thank you for reading this far!  I love you all!!

5/5/2011 02:20:57

Kristen, I think it's so wonderful what you and your family are doing to try to raise money for this cause and in return honor Marisa & her sister. I know it's not easy and can be quite discouraging, but just keep on keepin' on! I hope you can get more support. All your efforts will not be in vain. I love you!!


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