Dan's 2nd season playing Stake Basketball just ended.  The Eastridge Ward had a rocky start to the season, but ended strong.  There were no major injuries or brawls and we ended up coming in 2nd place.   Dan will have to give better details on the season, but below are some pictures of one of the last games they had to play to make it to the "championship game."

The look of disappointment on Dan's face when the other team scored.

But Dan comes back with a vengeance and swats the ball away.

Half time...

Dan's looking a little TOO relaxed here...

Team pow wow.

The team's cutest cheerleader!

3/23/2008 02:09:36 pm

Okay so I was more like the weakest link on the team. If they had an award for first to pass out every game I would have taken it hands down. to be 30 and that out of shape is sadddddd

3/24/2008 04:33:08 am

HAHA! Gotta love church ball. It was fun though. Maybe they can take the big title next year! :) Oh and I have to say I love that cheerleader too!
Well- glad to see you still have that baby in there. We need to go to dinner sometime or something before she gets here.
p.s. did you sale your house? hope not :(, but I saw the sign was gone!


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