Last Wednesday was the annual Young Women in Excellence night for our ward.  For those of you who don't know what that is all about, I'll try to tell you because I'm not 100% sure myself.  It's focused mostly on Personal Progress (the equivalent of the Boy Scout eagle) where you do various projects and reach goals for each of the YW values.  This night is for girls to select one of the projects they completed and create a display to tell about it.  The events of our YWIE night focused on the theme "Daughters of a King."  So the girls had to dress up like princesses (in prom type dressed they had or could borrow) and their parents were invited to come.  I won't go through all the events of the evening, but it was pretty spectacular.

Behind the scenes about 12 of us leaders were working day and night to pull this event off.  I didn't even do the worst of the labor and my role started at 8:30am on Wednesday, at the church to set up and decorate, I didn't leave the church until 4:00pm in order to pick up the final 3 dresses I had to select from to see what fit me, stop by the grocery store for drink supplies, and get home to shower and eat and be back to the church by 5:00pm.  The final touches were still taking place and many of the girls came early to get help with hair and makeup and to get dressed.  Everyone was in a scurry, but the night was successful and hopefully very memorable for the girls and their parents who got to see some of their daughters all gussied up for the first time!

Here are some pictures from the event.  I spent most of my decorating time inside the canopy that stood over the tables, but silly me, I never got a picture...grrrr... but believe me, it was SPECTACULAR!  :o)

These are the leaders that worked to pull off this event and who I am lucky to be able to work with in Young Womens!  (I'm pretty snuggly squeezed into that dress, it was basically the only one that worked and I tried on was strapless too, and we all know the only way I could have kept that puppy up was if I was pregnant!)

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